A Simple Valentine Card for Preschoolers: Send a Valentines Day Greeting with a Sweet Scrapbooking Paper Card

Valentine’s Day cards are a lovely way for preschool and kindergarten children to practice writing skills, play post office, and create simple but creative crafts for others to enjoy. This Valentine’s Day, make valentine heart cards with a surprise inside.Materials Required for the Heart Card
1. Thick white paper
2. Scrapbooking paper in a Valentine color or pattern
3. Scissors or a scrapbooking punch
Making the Valentine Shapes
Create the card by cutting two hearts. The first is a larger white heart, the second will be slightly smaller and made of scrapbooking paper.
The easiest way to make a large number of heart shaped cards is to purchase a large mega or giga sized scrapbooking punch. The punches act like a giant hole punch, creating holes in pieces of paper. The holes are shaped like hearts and can be used to create Valentine’s Day cards. This is a fun way for children to participate in making the hearts, since preschoolers love punching holes in paper. Just be careful of little fingers!
The second simplest way to make a large number of cards is to staple several sheets of scrapbooking paper together. Trace a heart shape on the back of the shape, then cut through all of the sheets at once. Keep a steady hand while cutting around the heart. This reduces cutting time but is best done by an adult.
Creating Fancy Edges for the Valentine Heart
Cutting and glue are both dear to a preschool or kindergarten child’s heart. To make a fancy edge, fold the Valentine heart in half and have the children use scissors to take small pieces from the edge, making the edges look like a snowflake. Then use a Q-Tip to spread white glue around the edges of the Valentine. Place a small tub of glitter or confetti in the centre of the table and have children gently dip the edges of the Valentine into the glitter or confetti.
Adding a Surprise to the Center of the Valentine
It’s almost time to put the pieces together. First, add a surprise to the Valentine!
Take the Valentine cut out of scrapbooking paper and cut or punch an additional hole in the centre of the card. Keep a small hinge at the top so that this last hole becomes a little door in the center of the Valentine.
What to place behind the door? This center part is a perfect place to write the recipient’s name in fancy pen. Gel pens work well. Consider placing a small heart-shaped jewel, bead, or candy in the center. To be really fancy ” and mysterious ” have children write in the center of the white Valentine in white crayon. Tell the recipient to paint lightly over the center door to reveal the Valentine’s Day message or artwork!
Enjoying Valentine’s Day with preschool and kindergarten children is all about enjoying the process of creating and showing love for others through those creations. Enjoy making this simple Valentine together!

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