A Valentine’s Day Lesson Plan to Teach Kids the Letter V

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to teach or review the letter V with kindergarten students. The thought of receiving Valentine’s Day cards from their friends and eating chocolate hearts has students excited about the holiday and motivated to do Valentine’s Day themed activities. Students can use heart activities to learn to read and write words with the letter V.

Kindergarten Letter V Lesson Plan Objectives

  1. The students will correctly write uppercase and lowercase letter V’s.
  2. The students will identify the letter V in words.
  3. The students will correctly recognize and read the words Valentine’s Day.
  4. The students will correctly make and read CVC words beginning with the letter V.

Letter V Valentine’s Day Lesson Plan

The teacher begins the letter V lesson by reading and discussing a Valentine’s Day themed book with the students. She points out the letter V and makes the V sound for the students. She reads the words Valentine’s Day to them from the story and asks them to find the phrase Valentine’s Day. The students take turns identifying the letter V’s and the words Valentine’s Day in the story.

The teacher reviews how to correctly write the uppercase and lowercase letter V. The students practice writing uppercase and lowercase letter V’s in the air and then on lined paper. The teacher passes our red construction paper to the students and instructs them to use a marker to write a large uppercase letter V on the paper. The students use art supplies to turn their letter V’s into hearts and then decorate them with stickers and glitter.

The teacher writes consonant vowel consonant words that begin with the letter V on large construction paper hearts leaving space between each letter. She then cuts the hearts into thirds with one letter on each section of paper. She passes the sections out to the students. She directs the students to use the heart pieces to make and read the words van, vat, Val, and vet.

After the students have had practice decoding words with the initial V sound the teacher introduces the word love. She writes the word love on the front board and reads it to the students. The class discusses the definition of love and the teacher talks about how people write it at the end of letters. The students practice writing the word love on lined handwriting paper.

The students write a two or three sentence Valentine love letter to a friend or family member for more letter V practice. The teacher models how to write a greeting and a conclusion using the word love. The students write their final copy on nice paper and include it in an envelope with the letter V heart they made to give to their friends.

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