Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Kids: Five Ideas to Make the Valentine Holiday Special for Your Kids

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. Like any other holiday, kids love to celebrate this special day. With just a little bit of time and a few supplies, you can make Valentine’s Day especially fun for your kids this February 14.

Serve Up a Heart-Shaped Breakfast

Welcome Valentine’s Day on the morn of February 14 with a heart-themed breakfast. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make themed foods that will delight your kids. Use the cookie cutter to cut out heart shapes in toast, pancakes and scrambled eggs. Note that to make heart-shaped scrambled eggs, you will need to cook the eggs in a large skillet and not break them up into pieces during preparation. Serving strawberry flavored milk is a nice touch to wash down your heart-themed breakfast.

Leave Valentine’s Day Messages on Mirrors and Windows

Purchase a window marker at your local drugstore, and use it to draw Valentine’s Day pictures and write messages on the windows and mirrors throughout your home. Kids will be thrilled to discover these festive holiday messages when using the bathroom or opening curtains. The window marker can be used to dress-up car windows for the holiday as well. And no need to worry, when used on the intended surfaces, markings are easily washed off with a little bit of water. For more ideas on how to use a window marker this Valentine’s Day, visit eHow.

Decorate Your Home with Valentine’s Day Decorations

Kids enjoy commemorating special occasions and holidays by decorating. Purchase red and pink streamers and balloons, and other Valentine’s Day decorations to set the mood in your home. Make it a family affair and enlist your kids to help you decorate. Another option is to wait until your kids go to bed on Valentine’s Day Eve, and then decorate. Kids will be thrilled to awaken to a festively decorated home the next morning.

Purchase Valentine’s Day Presents

No holiday is complete without presents. Show your love and adoration for your kids by buying a special Valentine’s Day gift for them. Holiday-inspired stuffed animals, trinkets and candies are always good gift choices.

Prepare Heart-Shaped Desserts

Valentine’s Day is all about the sweet treats, and making them can be just as much fun as eating them. With cake and cookie mixes, and heart-shaped cookie cutters and baking pans, it’s easy to whip up heart-shaped cookies and cakes in less than an hour. Frosting and adding sprinkles are the perfect jobs for kids.

These quick and easy tips are sure to have you on your way to making this Valentine’s Day special for your kids. Perhaps some of these Valentine’s Day activities will even become cherished holiday traditions.

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