Create Some Valentine Fun: Make Homemade Valentine Cards

<p>This Valentine’s Day, in addition to creating some Valentine’s Day crafts and other fun activities, why not have kids create their own, unique Valentine cards? Whether they are creating a homemade card just for one special person, or creating enough homemade cards to give to everyone in their class, making Valentine cards is simple, fun and appealing to kids of all ages.</p>
<p><b>Homemade Cards by Toddlers to Kindergarteners</b></p>

<p>Even very young children can create their own Valentine cards with a little help from adults. Begin by gathering together construction paper, glue, glitter, finger paints, and for the older children, scissors.</p>

<p>Fold the construction paper in half to create the card. Very young children can use the finger paints to decorate the cards; while the glue is still wet, assist them in sprinkling glitter over the card for a shimmering effect.</p>

<p>Older children can use the finger paints, draw designs in the glue before sprinkling on the glitter, and can cut out shapes from additional pieces of construction paper to glue to the card’s surface. Have the children trace hearts, circles and stars on the paper, and assist them in cutting out the shapes. They can then glue the shapes onto the card, and decorate them with glitter, or by printing the name of the recipient inside of the shapes along with simple messages such as “I Love You” or “Best Friends”.</p>

<p><b>Homemade Cards for Children Aged 6 to 12</b></p>

<p>Older children can create Valentine cards out of different materials and shapes. Try making a Valentine butterfly by cutting two, large hearts out of construction paper, and clipping off the bottom points so that the hearts are flat at the bottom. Glue the newly flat bottom of the hearts to either side of a popsicle stick. Pipe cleaners, stamps, markers and other items can be used to decorate the butterfly and personalize it.</p>

<p>For a fun, scented Valentine, have children draw out a design on a folded piece of construction paper using either crayon or markers. Next, take glue and trace over the design edges, or any words on the card and then sprinkle powdered Jello onto the glue. When the glue dries, the scented Jello will help to decorate the card, while giving off an appealing scent.</p>

<p>Older children can also gather together multiple types of paper and materials to decorate cards with. Try using fabric, wall paper samples, magazine images and printed stationary. Cut shapes from the different textures and patterns and paste them onto the cards for a collage effect. Personalize the cards by cutting letters out of various materials to spell out the recipient’s name or a message of Valentine fun.</p>

<p><b>Homemade Cards for Children Aged 13 and Up</b></p>

<p>Teenagers can make sophisticated cards to give to family and friends by utilizing several different techniques. Kids handy with computer programs can print out images and text in various fonts to cut out and use them to decorate the card.</p>

<p>Make a three dimensional card by stringing beads onto some thread, poking two small holes in some card stock to push the thread through and tie it, stringing the beads across the bottom of the card below the printed or decorated message.</p>

<p>A heart pocket card can be created with a large sewing needle, some yarn and two colors of card stock. Cut out a heart shape from one color of the card stock, and punch holes around its edges with a paper punch. Use the needle and yarn to sew the heart onto the front of the larger piece of card stock, leaving the top of the heart open. Tuck pieces of candy inside the heart for a special someone.</p>

<p>Making Valentines cards is something that a whole family or group of friends can do together, so why not make it a fun craft day? Exchange cards with one another at the end and display the handiwork for everyone to see, making this Valentine’s Day special.</p>

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