Easy and Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: Projects for Children, How to Make Handmade Gifts and Cards

Valentine’s Day is a special day of the year where people all over the world celebrate their love for their nearest and dearest.

Valentine’s Day needn’t just be for adults. There are plenty of great kid’s activities that are perfect for getting young ones involved in the celebrations. Letting children make small gifts and tokens for family and friends can be a fun activity and will be much appreciated by the recipient. A grandparent or special neighbor will very much value a small gift or card made by a young one. Valentine’s crafts for kids are the perfect way to let children explore their creativity while also making lovely keepsakes and mementos that will be much cherished.

There are many interesting and fun Valentine’s crafts and activities for kids. These include:

Make Valentine’s Day Cards

With a little help even the very youngest child can make a Valentine’s card. Older children can be given a piece of plain cardstock and pens, colored paper, child-friendly glue, glitter and other embellishments to make great cards. Younger children might require a little closer supervision.

Tip: Draw a heart shape on the front of a blank greeting card for very young children to color in with pens or crayons.

Make Felt Heart Ornaments

Felt is a great fabric for children to work with. Unlike other woven fabrics, felt does not unravel. This makes ideal for many kid’s craft projects. Heart ornaments are simple to make and require just the most basic of sewing skills. The stitching will be left exposed around the edge of the ornament and using a different colored thread will make it easier for children to work with, as well as making an attractive surface design.

Cut out two heart shaped pieces of felt and stitch or glue them together leaving a small hole for stuffing. When the ornament has been stuffed with wadding, carefully sew or glue the opening. Sew or glue a ribbon onto the ornament so it can be hung up and admired!

Tip: This is also a great project to teach children to sew. A simple running stitch is all that is required to sew the ornaments together.

Make Craft Foam Heart Ornaments

Craft foam is an excellent alternative to felt. It can be sewn, however it is also great for decorating with marker pens, paints, glitter glue and much more! Craft foam ornaments can be made from a single sheet of craft foam. Simply cut out a heart shape and use this as a template. Children can decorate both sides off the ornament and attach a ribbon or cord so the heart ornament can be hung up.

Tip: Use free clip art shapes to use as templates for ornaments.

Children will enjoy getting involved in Valentine’s day and while they are busy crafting, adults can get on with their own preparations for the special day!

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