Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: How to Make Fun and Easy Homemade Gifts for Loved Ones

All gifts are nice. But gifts made by kids with their own two hands are priceless! With just a few inexpensive supplies, kids can easily make these heartfelt Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone in their life.

Bucket of Love

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with a gift that literally speaks to the heart. To get started, purchase a small red or pink pail. A Valentine bucket from the local discount store will work too, if preferred. Next cut out several small to medium paper hearts from red and pink construction paper. Using a black marker, instruct kids to write one thing they love about the recipient on each paper heart.

Here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling: “You’re the prettiest mommy in the world,” “You’re the coolest dad in the neighborhood,” and “My grandma rocks.” Once all the hearts have been “filled out” toss them in the bucket to complete this heartfelt gift. Kids will enjoy putting together this special gift as much as the recipient loves receiving it and reading all the lovely messages.

Valentine Candy Jar

Everybody knows Valentine’s Day is all about the candy so what could be more perfect than surprising that special someone with a hand-crafted candy jar filled with sweet treats. It’s super easy to make a homemade candy jar. All that’s needed is an empty jar, heart or Valentine-themed stickers and some candy to make this craft. Empty and clean a pasta sauce, salsa or other suitable jar and then decorate with stickers. Fill the jar with candy such as M&Ms or Conversation Hearts, and voila the candy jar is ready for gift-giving. This craft is so simple that even the youngest kids can make it for their favorite Valentine.

Bouquet of Heart Flowers

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like flowers. To make this whimsical bouquet of heart-shaped flowers, gather a stack of construction paper in a variety of colors, green pipe cleaners, glue and scissors. Begin by cutting out several heart shapes in a variety of colors and sizes. Secondly, use the glue to attach a heart to the tip of each pipe cleaner to create the flower stem until the desired number of flowers have been made.

Finally, tie the Valentine’s bouquet together with a ribbon or place in a vase and present to that special someone. These heart-shaped flowers will never die, creating a lasting gift that will continue to bring joy to the one who received them day after day.

Crafting a Valentine’s Day gift at home for mom and dad, grandma or grandpa or the other important people in kids’ lives is a snap with these fun and easy craft ideas for homemade gifts.

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