Fifteen-Minute Valentine’s Day Crafts: Quick and Easy Heart Art to Celebrate Love

These inexpensive crafts can be made quickly for some last minute holiday decorations. Even with more time, these easy projects can be tucked in between other activities for some relaxing crafting. Make tiny notes to hide around the house and offer a surprise to the recipients. Decorate with fun butterflies and a chain (or several) or multi-sized hearts.

Love Notes Crafts

Send love notes to family members on Valentine’s Day or any other day. Use white or colored paper and cut it into pieces into 1″ x 2″ or 2″ x 4″ rectangles. Fold the rectangles in half. Decorate the outside of these notes with a sticker or mini rubber stamp. Open the paper and write a brief message over either both halves of the mini card or just on one half. Make several of these mini notes.

Now find places to “hide” these cards. Since they are very small, avoid tucking them in or under things where they’ll get hidden. Tuck the cards on mom and dad’s pillows, perch them on everyone’s dinner plate, tuck them into the laces on a pair of sneakers be creative trying to think of ways to hide these notes in plain sight. Everyone at home can do this and tuck the cards everywhere. Then, have a scavenger hunt collecting special messages.

Valentine Butterfly

Make a lovely butterfly for Valentine’s Day or to decorate home or school for spring or summer.

  1. Select two sheets of construction paper in complementary colors to create the butterfly’s wings. Cut one sheet of paper to 6″ x 9″. Fold that sheet in half. Draw half of a heart, using the fold at the middle of the heart. (Try to use as much of the paper as possible to draw the half heart.) Cut through both halves of the paper and then open the paper to reveal a full heart.
  2. Cut the other sheet of paper, in a different color, into two 4″ x 6″ rectangles. Fold them in half and draw half of a heart on one piece of paper, again using the fold as the middle of the heart. Cut out one heart at a time, or cut through the two folded rectangles at one time.
  3. Set the two smaller hearts so the points are directed at one another; these are the wings. Take the larger heart and glue the wings beneath the body heart so that the rounded ends of the hearts extend on either side, creating wings.
  4. Cut a small circular head from the same color as the wings (or use scraps of a third color) and glue onto the body heart. Cut thin strips for antennae and glue them to the head. Use marker to decorate a face or add any other details desired.
  5. Tape the butterfly to a wall, door or window. Or, glue a magnet to the back and attach to a refrigerator; glue a craft stick to the back and play with as a puppet.

Heart Garland, Streamer, Chain

Tape hearts to yarn to make these heart full streamers.

  1. Cut different shaped hearts from red, pink, and white construction paper (or cut from a single color). Keep the hearts under 4″ across.
  2. Cut a 24″ piece of yarn that is red, pink, or white. A smooth, acrylic yarn is perfect ” avoid anything too thin.
  3. Decide if the garland will hang horizontally, such as over the top of a window or doorway, or vertically, down a wall or the side of a shelving unit, for example.
  4. One at a time, tape the hearts to the yarn so they’ll point in the direction desired. Leave a bit of yarn free from hearts at the end or ends of the yarn that will be taped to a door or wherever preferred.
  5. Make several garlands to hang around the room.

There are lots of ways to make creative hearts using different art techniques. Depending on how much time kids have, they can make all sorts of crafts to say, “I love you.”

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