Fun Valentines Day Idea’s For Kids

Valentines Day is For Kids Too!

Valentines Day isn’t just a fun day for adults to celebrate. Kids enjoy the holiday too! They always hand out those cute Valentines cards and have a party at school! Many kids also enjoy bringing in a special treat for their class on the day of their party. What other ways can you make your kiddo’s Valentine’s Day special?

Valentines Day Cards

Let you child make their own Valentines Day cards. Instead of letting them pick out their favorite character for a Valentines Day card, let them create their own special Valentine’s with their own touch. You can start by using construction paper, card stock, Valentines Day hearts, glitter, yarn, candy hearts, etc. The key is to let them be creative. You’ll be amazed at what they come up with!

Valentines Day Cookies

Make Valentine’s cookies with your kids. Start out with a simple sugar cookie recipe and use Valentine’s Day cookie cutters to make them festive. Get some white frosting and some food coloring. Put the frosting in to 4 different bowls in order to make the different frosting colors. You can also use sprinkles, Red Hots, M&M’s, and candy hearts to decorate the cookies. This may also be a fun thing to bring to your child’s class party as well!

Chocolate Heart Suckers

Make Valentines day chocolate suckers. You will need sticks for the suckers as well as a heart mold in order to make the chocolate suckers. You may choose to use white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. You will have the finished product in 5 easy steps: 1) Melt the chocolate 2) pour the melted chocolate in to your molds, 3) pour off any excess chocolate from the molds 4) place the sticks in the chocolate 5) place into the fridge to cool. As easy as that you will have cute little chocolate heart suckers. You can wrap them in Valentines Day cellophane and tie them with a ribbon. These are too cute not to give them away!

Valentines Day Card Holder

Help your child make a Valentines card holder. There are many ways to do this, but the most popular way is making a large envelope out of construction paper. Variations to this would be to get a shoe box and wrap it with Valentines Day themed paper. A slit can then be made in the center of the box. Make sure to make the slit large enough for the Valentines Day cards to fit into it. Both of these can be decorated to your child’s liking using candy, glitter, yarn, stickers, etc.

Valentines Day Poem book

Make a Valentines Day book. Help your child come up with some short Valentines poems. Have them write the poems on book sized construction paper (fold regular sized paper in half, then place another folded piece of paper inside to create the book). Let them decorate it to their hearts desire. In order to create the book “binding” hole punch three holes on the side of the paper, then place colored yarn through the holes and tie it into a bow.

Whatever You Do, Have Fun!

There are many activities that can be done with kids for Valentines Day. They enjoy the holiday as much as we do. Kids are great at being creative and imaginative. You provide the materials and let them shock you with what they come up with! This is also a great opportunity for you to bond with your kids in a fun way. Have fun with those kiddo’s!


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