Happy Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day comes every year on 14th February and people from all over the world celebrate this day. It is an entire week event that is celebrated by a young couple from all parts of the world. Young lovers exchange candy, gifts, and flowers to their loved ones. Valentine’s Day is also known as a St Valentine’ Day, it is named after a Catholic Priest, Saint Valentine; he lived in 3rd Century in Rome.

The history shows several stories about St Valentine, but after some years, these stories became legend. More than 200-years later, 14th February was declared as a Valentine’s Day. Later, this day was declared as Saint Valentine’s Day during the period of Pagan. The ancients celebrated it as a feast day

The first romantic love started with Chaucer a Middle Age Poet, and it was the beginning of the tradition of chivalrous love, admiration, and a custom of expressing true love. This tradition spread entire Europe. The stories spread about love in the High Court where all the female judges used to solve issues connected to love every year on 14th February. The history shows that these meetings were actually gatherings where the individual played flirtation games and read love poetry.

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Valentine’s Day is an entire week celebration, and it is celebrated by different cultures in most countries. They developed their own traditions for this celebration. In some countries, 14th February is considered as a day that gives the opportunity to individuals to express their love to their friends and family members, it is not just the day for romantic couples.

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