Homemade Sentimental Valentine’s Books

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with the struggling economy most people are looking for a cheaper alternative to the typical one dozen roses and high-class dinner. Whether you are in a budding new relationship or a long-lasting marriage, your significant other will truly appreciate any homemade gift over the expensive alternative. Homemade gifts do not have to be extravagant or difficult to make, but instead need to be expressive of your true feelings.

Publishing Your Homemade Book

One way to express your true feelings is to put them in writing and create a published book or pamphlet. Poems and personal lyrical ballads are a great place to start, but you can also take the notes and letters written between you and your loved one and have those published. There are numerous self-publishing programs online such as LuLu and InstantPublisher that not only allow amateur writers to publish their own work, but provide tips and advice on writing and creating polished books.

By utilizing one of these services and pairing it with your own creative writing, you can present your loved one with a one-of-a-kind book filled with special memories and sentiments shared together. In order to create a professional looking trinket, one should follow a few simple steps.

How to Create Your Sentimental Trinket

  1. Compile everything that you have written for your partner, and type it into a word document with the correct dimensions for the size of the book you want to create.
  2. Include pictures of yourself and your partner, or symbols to represent the important aspects of your relationship.
  3. Write creative poems or lyrics to add to your already significant repertoire of notes and letters.
  4. Always remember to date your entries so that your significant other can refer back to them and remember when they were originally received.
  5. Choose a picture to place on the front that symbolizes what your relationship really means.
  6. If you are feeling creative, complete your book online, and once it is published, add embellishments using cloth and stickers from your local craft store.
  7. Finally, once you receive your completed book, choose special wrapping paper and a creative package to wrap it for your loved one.

Homemade gifts can be filled with much sentimental value, and can be a great alternative to an expensive Valentine’s Day. Books and trinkets can be made in a day or two and ready for the special day, and if you need more time writing special sentiments, you can always save your homemade book for a birthday or anniversary.

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