Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Make With Your Child

Valentine’s Day has become a fun day for parents and kids to spend together. When you’re dating with kids, you naturally want to give both your partner and children enough quality time. Creating a gift from scratch can help teach your child the real meaning of Valentine’s Day, which is showing appreciation for the wonderful people in your life.

Creating items for teachers, friends, or grandparents demonstrates the positive act of gift giving. What’s more, you can do these with your kids during the day, and then still have a romantic dinner with your partner at night. Here are some Valentine’s Day craft ideas that are inexpensive and fun to create.

Valentine’s Day Handprint Poem

Combine the romance of poetry with the charm of your kid’s handprint. This Valentine’s Day Handprint Poem makes a wonderful gift for parents to make with younger kids. Choose a poem, which can be a favorite you have or an original you just wrote yourself, along with the child’s handprints alongside. To make it even more personal, pop in a recent photograph of your child.

This is a nice gift idea for a grandparent or significant other. You might also want to just keep it yourself since it creates a nice memory of your child to cherish.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Teacher

Teachers are an important part of your kid’s life, so don’t forget them this Valentine’s Day. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, a homemade gift is often appreciated because it was created from the heart. One gift idea for teachers is this easy “clap happy” hand, which traces your child’s hand on craft paper, and includes an area to place a note. For an added touch, place the paper hands around hand crème or a vase with a single flower.

Another idea is simply filling a glass jar with candy. Have your child place different colored candy and chocolates in a jar, and place a big red bow on top. Top it off with a homemade Valentine’s Day card.

Homemade Gift Ideas for Kids to Give Each Other

For your child’s pals, you could make some fun friendship rings with craft foam and pipe cleaners. Get your favorite colors together, and cut out hearts in varying sizes. Then, just poke the pipe cleaner through the heart to create the ring.

Candy-filled packets made from heart doilies are also perfect for your child’s classmate or friend. Use yarn to stick together two heart doilies back to back, and before you seal, fill with candy hearts or small chocolate pieces. This project is great for keeping little hands busy. Kids can do the stitching (with mom or dad’s supervision) or do the candy filling. Either way, a fun way to create something special together.

Don’t forget your Valentine’s table when you’re doing crafts! Have your kids make this charming centerpiece, which uses a paper plate, acrylic paint, and a foam ball to create a decoration for your dinner table. Add some glitter and sequins for added flare. Your Valentine’s Day dinner will be that much more special with this as a conversation starter.

Doing craft projects together is the perfect way to get some quality time in with your kids. On Valentine’s Day, the theme is already set for you. It’s all about hearts, showing appreciation, and expressing your love. These craft ideas are a great way to do all three.

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