Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas: Ten Things to Do on February 14th

In a fast paced world it is hard to make time for romance. Here are some cheap, fun and creative ways to celebrate.

Create an Indoor Picnic to Say “I Love You”

Create a Valentine’s Day surprise by having an indoor picnic. Spread a blanket on the floor with cushions and candlelight. Not a chef? Try ordering take-out from a favorite restaurant.

Extra points for playing mood music (Hint: Band of Horses, “No One’s Gonna Love You”).

Old Movies Spark Romance and Set the Mood

Nothing is as endearing as really knowing what a spouse or partner particularly loves. Food, music, and even movie choices qualify here.

Bring a new meaning to dinner and a movie! After a wonderful picnic dinner in candlelight, why not treat that special someone to an in-house movie? Try choosing an oldie; Casablanca is as romantic as they come.

Champagne Cocktails Without the Champagne

Mix up some Casablanca inspired cocktails for the film. Champagne cocktails are glamorous and special and don’t have to cost a fortune.

To cut down on expenses, mix sparkling wine with 1/2 oz of midori (melon liqueur). Garnish with a whole strawberry at the bottom of the glass.

Write a Good Old-Fashioned Love Letter

Choose a nice piece of paper to start. Traditional Korean paper called Hanji is a beautiful choice, as it has petals embedded in the paper. Write your own letter or poem or borrow one from a master.

Make a Treasure Map

Map out a trail on a paper that’s been soaked in black tea. This gives the paper an ancient look. Prepare a pot of boiling water, steep two or three teabags in the water. Let cool and dip the paper into the water, then let dry. At the X spot, put a Polaroid self-portrait and directions to a restaurant or café rendezvous. Extra points for wearing the same clothes as in the Polaroid.

Make a Coupon Book of Sweet Giveaways

Gather construction paper, white loose-leaf, and a stapler. With these, make a coupon book containing fantastic free gifts. Massages, favorite dinners, even cleaning chores are great giveaways.

Serenade a la John Cusack

Standing outside a love interest’s home, play a romantic song on a boom box held overhead with the volume as loud as it can go.

Hand-Deliver Flowers

While an old-fashioned romantic gesture, both girls and guys appreciate the personal touch of flowers picked out just for them and delivered. Violets and forget-me-nots are always nice plant ideas and last longer than cut flowers.

Make a YouTube Valentine Video

Direct and star in a video designed especially for that special someone. Public declarations of love never go out of style. It’s a personal touch that cannot be bought at the store and can watched over and over again.

Tape Poetry and Flowers to the Door

Write a love poem complete with flowers and tape them to the door. The surprise the morning of Valentine’s Day will surely be a winner.

Using a little creativity not only makes a gift feel more personal, but it is also an effective way to cut costs this February 14th.

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