Making Valentine’s Day Fun: Holiday Decorations, Easy Crafts and Food Coloring

After the build-up of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s eve, the rest of the winter can look long and dark. Inject a little Valentine’s Day fun and brighten everyone’s winter.

Food Coloring Fun

Start Valentine’s Day off right with a fun morning surprise. Purchase the smallest container of milk that can be consumed by the family with a day or so, and some red food coloring. Add a few drops of the food coloring to the milk the day before, and watch the fun when kids pour pink milk onto their cereal that day.

Heart shaped cookies or cupcakes can also get a makeover with a little food coloring, some sprinkles and candy. Try baking sugar cookies the night before, and add some red food coloring to the dough before baking. Top the cookies with red sprinkles, or hot cinnamon hearts and serve alongside the pink milk for a fun after school treat.

Decorate the Home

While it’s always fun to add some holiday decorations at any time of the year, why stop at simply hanging some store bought decorations? Have kids create their own decorations such as Valentine’s Day magnets, or streamers.

Creating some heart streamers to hang around the house is easy, festive and sure to brighten everyone’s day. Take construction paper in red, pink and white, a heart shaped cookie cutter, glue stick, pencil and scissors. Using the cookie cutter as a template, trace the shape of a heart multiple times on the construction paper with the pencil and cut the hearts out. Lay the hearts side by side, alternating colors, and overlap their edges slightly. Glue them together and use the streamers to hang around windows, doorways and kitchen cabinets.

If parents don’t mind a little clean up, purchase some rose petals or red glitter to create a path from kids’ bedrooms down to the kitchen in the morning where their pink milk surprise awaits them. Or, for a fun game, create trails of either red streamers or rose petals going into and out of various rooms of the house. Have kids follow the paths to find some candy or a gift at the end of the trail.

Create Valentine’s Day Hats

Create some fun, Valentine’s Day hats to wear on the day itself. To make a Valentine’s Day hat, gather some white fleece, red felt, fabric glue and a needle and thread.

Cut the white fleece so that it stretches horizontally and will fit around a child’s head, making it about 5″ to 6″ high. Using the needle and thread, or the sewing machine, stitch the ends together to form a tube, and turn it so the seam is on the inside.

Cut out red hearts from the felt, about 4″ in height, and roll the bottom edge of the fleece tube up about an inch. Using the fabric glue, have the child glue the bottom edge of the felt hearts onto the white fleece, so that the top of the hearts come up and over the top edge of the fleece. Repeat all the way around the hat, so that the tops of the hearts can be bent backwards to touch one another and form the crown of the hat.

Create some Valentine’s Day fun this year with kids at home. Use food colors to brighten milk and cookies, decorate the home with Valentine-themed crafts and make Valentine’s Day hats. These activities help everyone in the family pass the winter in brightly colored style.

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