Outdoor Gear Valentine’s Gifts for Men: GPS Units, Knives, Beacons, and Backpacking Camp Stoves

Looking for the perfect Valentines Day gift for that special guy who also loves the outdoors? Guys like electronics and gadgets, and there are plenty of novel ideas for gifts. After all, nothing says “I love you” more than a new piece of outdoor gear for that hiker/backpacker in one’s life.

GPS Units for Valentine’s Day

These hand-held devices are used for backcountry navigation, with the newest models coming with advanced mapping software on color screens. For instance, the Garmin eTrekx Venture HC GPS unit can save fifty routes and two hundred and fifty waypoints. It comes with a color screen, is waterproof, and comes pre-loaded with mapping software. The unit retails for one hundred and fifty dollars on REI.

Personal Locator Beacons for Valentines Day

A personal locator beacon is an electronic device made by companies such as ACR. When activated, the beacon sends a signal to a satellite, which is then received by local search-and-rescue. The units are intended for travelers who find themselves in an emergency situation far from help. They are especially useful for those who travel in remote backcountry areas that are out of cell phone service.

Avalanche Beacons for Valentine’s Day

Another kind of personal rescue electronic device, avalanche beacons are used by those who travel in the backcountry during the winter months, and in terrain that’s prone to avalanche slides. If caught in a slide, the unit sends a signal that can be recived by other beacons, which others can use to pinpoint the victim’s location and dig him out quickly. Companies such as Backcountry Access and Ortovox make these beacons.

Pocketknives for Valentines Day

Does that guy need a new pocketknife for the backcountry or for use around the house? Consider the Leatherman Skeletool knife as a Valentine’s Day gift. This lightweight stainless steel knife has a locking knife blade, a bottle opener, four screwdriver bits, wire cutters, regular pliers and also needle-nose pliers. The Skeletool sells for just under ninety dollars on REI’s website.

Backpacking Camp Stoves for Valentine’s Day

Is that old stove broken, or just not working as efficiently as it could be? There are several kinds of backpacking camp stoves that can make a good Valentine’s Day gift. Some stoves, such as the MSR WhisperLite use white gas and are useful for cooking meals on long trips. On the other hand, stoves like the Jetboil or MSR Pocket Rocket use canisters of fuel, and are perfect for brewing a cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

These Valentine’s Day gift ideas are not only practical, but are great ways of expressing one’s love to that special, outdoorsy person.

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