Red Hot Ideas for Valentine’s Day: Spicy Cinnamon Candies Can Be Used Throughout The Year

Whether using Ferrara Pan Red Hots, Ferrara Pan Atomic Fireballs, Brach’s Cinnamon Imperials, Brach’s Cinnamon Star Brites, Gimbals Cinnamon LavaBalls, Just Born Candy Company’s Hot Tamales, or any cinnamon candies (hard or chewy) from other companies, creative cooks and party hosts can find a variety of uses for these spicy treats.

Sold in bulk for stores, large bags and boxes for families, and in smaller individual single-serving packets, these candies come on strong with an unsubtle sweetness and bold red color. Shades of red often are associated with excitement, stimulation, desire, activity, and all matters relating to the heart and blood, making these candies especially festive for parties celebrating Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, weddings, and Christmas.

Red Hots for Eating and Drinking

Hard cinnamon candies mix well with other foods, especially melted with marshmallows or Marshmallow Fluff, and with apples. Use melted cinnamon candies with applesauce, baked apples and pears, and with Red Hot Cinnamon Apples.

Sprinkle several small cinnamon candies or one large candy (such as a chewy cinnamon ball rather than a hard disc) on top of iced cupcakes. Sugar cookies ” either round or in the shape of flowers or stars ” look great with a red candy center.

Add hard cinnamon disc candy or small Red Hots into hot tea and stir until melted. This spicy addition offers more sugar and an extra kick of flavor unlike traditional cinnamon sticks, which don’t sweeten the tea. Try adding the same candies when making hot apple cider in a slow cooker, stirring occasionally to make sure the candies dissolve without sticking to the bottom of the crockery.

Red Hots for Decorating and Gift-Giving

Red cinnamon candies make delightful party decorations for tables at wedding receptions, bridal showers, anniversary parties, Valentine’s Day parties, or Christmas events. Hosts can fill small decorative mesh bags, boxes, jars, tins, and heart shaped dishes as party favors.

The candies also can be placed in larger jars or bowls and used as table centerpieces. When using flowers, candles, or other items as centerpieces, small cinnamon candies sprinkled around the center of the table make lovely accents. Use wrapped discs or balls, or unwrapped imperials as accents, but not unwrapped balls, which can roll off the table.

For gift-giving at parties or holidays, red cinnamon candies look beautiful placed in large decorative jars, cloth bags, or see-through boxes tied with red, pink, or gold bows. For more expensive gift ideas, try filling a crystal candy dish with gourmet cinnamons adorned with a fancy bow on top.

Red Hot cinnamon candies even have a place in the business world. Small pre-packaged bags of Red Hots make nice prospective-client giveaways for “Red Hot Ideas” about anything your company needs to promote

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