St Valentine’s Day Trivia Quiz: 12 Fun Questions: Light Hearted Trivia Questions & Answers With Valentine Theme

The word “trivia” is derived from the word “trivial, ” meaning small and unimportant. However, most trivia addicts prefer to think of their hobby as light hearted and fun.

The Rise of the Trivia Quiz

The idea of playing trivia as a game originated sometime in the mid 1960s, when it became popular among students in American colleges. A book aptly called “Trivia and More Trivia ” by Dan Carlinsky and Edwin Goodgold appeared in 1966 and this started the trivia ball rolling as far as the general public was concerned.

Other books like “The Trivia Encyclopedia” followed in the 1970s, followed by games such as “Trivial Pursuit.” Now, trivia quizzes are popular in pubs and at parties.

Valentine’s Day Trivia

1. The original St. Valentine came from

(a) Rome

(b) Uganda

(c) Iceland

2. Which is the odd one out of these Valentine symbols?

(a) Heart

(b) Key

(c) Star and Garter

3. Which year did Valentine’s Day originate?

(a) 12 BC

(b) 496 AD

(c) 1958 AD

4. Does the date of Valentine’s Day ever change?

(a) No, it is always February 14th

(b) Yes, it changes depending on when Easter is.

5. What weapon does Cupid wield?

(a) a bow and arrow

(b) an axe

(c) a sub machine gun

6. Which of the following does NOT mean “I love you” in a non-English language?

(a) Ik hou van jou

(b) Mina armastan sind

(c) Amo amas amat

(d) Ich liebe dich

(e) Jeg elsker dig

7. Who are Shakespeare’s most famous lovers?

(a) Romeo and Juliet

(b) Rosencranz & Guildenstern

(c) Hamlet and the Skull

8. Which colour rose is traditionally associated with Valentine’s day?

(a) The Red Rose

(b) The Pink Rose

(c) The White Rose

9. Is it men or women who spend more on bunches of flowers on Valentine’s Day?

a) Women – women are more romantic

(b) Men

10. Which fishy dish is most associated with Valentine’s day?

(a) oysters

(b) swordfish

(c) mussels

11. The word aphrodisiac is named after a certain word. Is it…

(a) Aphrodita – a genus of the order of Mollescas, known as a “sea-mouse”

(b) Aphrodite the Greek goddess

(c) Aphrite – a variety of calcite?

12 Which of the following is NOT a goddess of love?

(a) Venus

(b) Oshun

(c) Freya

(d) Diana


Answers to Valentine’s Trivia Questions

1 (a) The original St. Valentine was a Roman.

2 (c) Star and Garter

3 (b) In AD 496 the Pope set aside the day of 14 February to honour St. Valentine

4 (a) No, Valentine’s Day is always February 14th.

5 (c) A bow and arrow

6 (c) “Amo amas amat” means “I love, you love, he loves” in Latin

7 (a) Romeo and Juliet are Shakespeare’s star crossed lovers.

8 (a) The red rose traditionally means passion. The white rose means pure love, the pink rose means first love.

9 (b) Approximately nine out of ten bunches of flowers are bought on Valentine’s day by men

10 (a) It is the oyster, which sometimes contains a valuable pearl within.

11 (b) Aphrodite, who was the Greek goddess of love.

12.(d) Diana is the Roman goddess of hunting. Venus is the Roman goddess of love Oshun is the Yoruba goddess of love, intimacy and beauty, and Freya is the Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility

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