Ten Valentine’s Day Treats and Gifts for Kids That are Not Candy

There are many great little Valentine’s gifts that can be given to children that do not involve a bad sugar repeat of Christmas. These can be given to your own children, or to a full classroom. Most run around a dollar or two each, or if you buy in multiples for each child, can cost a little bit more. Actually these are the fun Valentine’s gifts because they keep the fun love alive well after the Valentine’s Day holiday is over. Here are ten suggestions:

Fuzzy or Heart Socks for Valentine’s Day

Around Valentine’s Day, you can find all sorts of cool and red accessories, or pick your purchases in pink or purple. Warm red fuzzy socks would make a great little gift, or pick out some that say “You’re Hot’ on the side. These items can be found in most large discount chains and in department stores.

Matchbox Cars or Hot Wheels Cars Make Great Valentine’s Gifts

Find your favorite boy ” or girl ” some bright red cars to signify rolling love. These can be found everywhere these days, from the grocery store to dollar store chains.

Lip Gloss and Nail Polish

For young women and tweens, pick out some luscious colored lip glosses and nail polishes. Another popular item on the market these days are the new lip stains.

Fun Sunglasses for the Cool and Hip Valentine

Shade those lovely Valentine’s Day eyes with some hip new sunglasses. There are types and styles available today so look out for some red or purple frames. These can be found in discount chains and in most drugstores.

Furry Red Slippers for Valentine’s Day

Head to the shoe department of most any store and check out all the available slippers. They come in all colors and styles. Stuff another little surprise or two inside the slippers and set them out in front of your child’s bedroom to be discovered when awaking on Valentine’s Day morning.

Break Out the Faux Jewels

All girls love jewelry, including young girls. There are sets available for toddler girls on up. If you want to find a very pretty faux necklace, ring or bracelet, check out the costume jewelry section of local bridal shops. For a very hip Valentine, present your favorite girl with a vintage brooch or earrings.

Every Child Loves a Valentine’s Day Balloon

Splurge and go with a big Mylar balloon for Valentine’s Day. Kids of all ages love them and they will stay afloat for days and hang around the house for quite some time, until you secretly make a tiny pinhole in it around Easter to deflate its presence.

Heart Shaped Key Chains

Key chains of different varieties are perfect little gifts. They can be attached to backpacks, book bags, camera cases and many other things to personalize those items by children.

Red Ink Pens and Pencils

Find Valentine themed pencils and pens at card shops, discount chains and other places. These will be used for weeks or months and come in cool colors and designs. Give a pencil to each kid in the class instead of a lollipop.

You Can Never Go Wrong with a Valentine’s Gift Card

Give out small gift cards to fast food restaurants. Everyone has them these days. For the slightly older music lover, gift an ITunes gift card. Gift cards of all sorts can be found in grocery stores and drugstores these days.

Above all, consider your child and what he or she really likes, as this will make a perfect little Valentine’s gift. Your gift will be appreciated for the thought put into it, instead of just another piece of candy.

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