Valentine Crayon Melt Fun: Children Can Express Love and Friendship With Colorful Artwork

Create a stained glass effect, then cut out heart shapes to make valentines, jewelry, and other projects. It’s easy and fun.

Supplies and Preparation

Set up an iron and ironing board for the craft. Gather supplies needed.

  • Old crayons in pinks, reds, white, silver, and purples
  • Brown paper (or a paper bag)
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Heat resistant waxed paper
  • Colored card stock
  • Marker or pen
  • Small hand held pencil sharpener
  • Small cups

Make the Crayon Melts

Follow these simple directions to make the art.

  1. Use the pencil sharpener to roll out shavings from the broken crayons, placing separate colors into the cups (adults can use a vegetable peeler).
  2. Place a large piece of brown paper on ironing surface. Place a sheet of wax paper on top of the brown paper.
  3. Sprinkle the crayon bits over the wax paper.
  4. Place another sheet of wax paper on top of the crayon shavings. Place a sheet of brown paper on top of the second sheet of wax paper.
  5. Iron on top of the stacked paper and crayon shavings. Gently press by lifting the iron. Let artwork cool.
  6. Cut out heart shapes from favorite sections.


For pretty valentines, cut heart 3-4 inch hearts. Cut frames from paper and insert the melt art into the frames. Make the frame larger than the melt heart and cut out heart center so artwork will fit in it. The frames can be folded cards with the top layer cut into a frame.

Write a message inside the card or on the frame. Think of cute phrases, such as “You Melt My Heart” or “You Color My World.”

Heart Mobiles

Use a paper plate as the top of the mobile. Punch a center hole and several holes near the edges. String yarn through the holes and tie together above the top of the plate. Fasten hearts to the yarn that hang down. This can be done by adhering hearts to yarn with glue dots or tape. Or tie on the hearts by punching holes into tops of hearts, looping end of yarn through holes, and tying. Or, make a top and bottom hole into hearts to string the hearts onto the yarn. Add a few hearts to each string, if desired.

For a chime effect, add small bells or metal beads at the bottom of the strings.

Jewelry and Other Crafts

Beads and necklaces: Cut triangles, with 2.5 inch bases, from the art melt and roll (starting at base) around a pencil. Glue tip of triangle down and slide out pencil. This forms a 2.5 inch long bead with a hole the diameter of the pencil used. Make several beads and string them onto elastic thread to make necklaces.

Vases of Hearts: Cut several hearts from crayon melts. Attach at bottom point of heart to a skewer or chenille stems to form heart flowers, and place hearts in a vase for a heart bouquet that says, “I love You.”

Window clings: Cut heart shapes and fasten to a window with a glue dot. Let the sun shine through for a stained glass window cling.

Foam art jewelry: Cut two layers of craft foam for a heart frame (about 2 inches). Cut the foam into a heart shape. Glue a heart of crayon melt inside the two matching foam hearts. Add a yarn or elastic sting to make a necklace.

Melting heart colored crayon shavings offers endless fun for making many Valentine projects. Enjoy this craft? Check out another crayon melt fun.

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