Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids: Holiday Parties, Crafts, and Cooking Ideas With Children

Kids’ holiday activities for this special day can include festive fun for the entire family. Plan a special Valentine’s Day party for loved ones and friends or craft simple heart themed art projects. Include a variety of plans that encourage children of all ages and interests to join in.

Valentine’s Day Party

Plan a holiday party for the entire family. This can be a simple gathering of a few close friends, or a more elaborate celebration with guests from school, work, and the neighborhood.

Create special hand made invitations. Ask the child (or children) to pick a holiday theme such as hearts or flowers. Parents can then gather together paper, paints, markers, or glitter to help kids design unique party invites.

Involve the child (or children) in each step of the party planning process. Kids of different ages may be given different tasks that are appropriate to their stage of development. For example:

  • Young Children and Preschoolers: Little ones can help create hand made invitations, set up for a party, and decorate the house in a festive holiday theme.
  • School Aged Children: Kids in elementary school are often very social, and may enjoy including friends in a family celebration. Ask a school aged child to help create a guest a list (give restrictions in terms of number of guests first), choose special foods, type of write important party information such as date and time on the invitations, plan and set up party games, and help with clean up.
  • Teens: An adolescent may be reluctant to join in with a family party (especially if the games and activities appear geared toward a younger sibling). Make this a fun time for the teenager by including him and her in important decision making steps such as choosing a date and time, creating a guest list, and selecting a menu. Teens can also shop for and help to cook party foods after choosing the menu. Encourage the teenager in the family to invite friends from school, work, or sports to the party. Additionally, responsible teens can be put in charge of running party games or chaperoning younger children.

Valentine’s Day Crafts

There are a number of fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids of all ages. Websites such as Kaboose and Family Fun are excellent resources for finding a variety of fun art activities for children.

Other simple Valentine’s Day themed crafts include:

  • Heart shaped cut outs, paintings, or drawings.
  • Tissue paper flowers.
  • Painting in Valentine’s Day colors (red, pink, and white).
  • Valentine’s Day heart or photo collage.

Valentine’s Day Food for Kids

Valentine’s Day holiday foods may include cookies, cupcakes, candy and chocolate items. Kids can help to make special treats, depending on their age. All children should be supervised by a responsible adult when cooking. Children should never be allowed to use a sharp tool such as a knife or a heated appliance such as a stove or oven.

Kids Valentine’s Day cooking activities by age include:

  • Young Children and Preschoolers: The young child can help measure out flour, sugar, or water when baking cookies and cupcakes. Additionally, ask a preschooler to create shaped cookies using plastic cookie cutters or add sprinkles or frosting to cookies. Never allow a young child to help put cookies or cupcakes in (or take out of) an oven.
  • School Aged Children: Grade school aged kids can help out in much the same way younger children can. Add in a math or science lesson by asking the child to measure out all of the ingredients from a recipe or predict what will happen when everything is mixed together.
  • Teens: An older (and responsible) teenager can choose a recipe and do the majority of the cooking. Adult supervision should still be given. Teens can make cookies, cakes, cupcakes, or even try making heart shaped chocolates in a mold.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to spend time as a family planning a party, crafting holiday art projects, or cooking special treats. Choose activities for kids based on age and interest, and then help out with the Valentine’s fun!

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