Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids: How to Make a Growing Heart Valentine

Kids will love planting mommy or daddy’s magical, candy heart and watching it grow a little each day until it blossoms into a giant construction paper heart flower on Valentine’s Day. This visual representation of love is sure to both excite and touch children during this special holiday and become a cherished Valentine memory.

Supplies Needed:

  • Seven sheets of red or pink construction paper
  • A Conversation Heart candy
  • Paper cup
  • Seven popsicle craft sticks
  • Handful of potting soil
  • Small watering can
  • Scissors
  • Felt tip pen


  1. Using the construction paper, cut out seven heart shapes. Make each one bigger than the next. The first heart should be small and the last heart should be as large as possible. Be sure to cut the hearts so that there is a noticable size difference between each one.
  2. On the six smallest hearts write the sentence, “My Love Grows for You Everyday.”
  3. On the biggest heart write, “My Love for You Will Never Stop Growing. Happy Valentine’s Day.”
  4. Glue a popsicle craft stick to the back of each heart so that the heart looks like a flower and the popsicle stick appears to be the stem.
  5. Put the heart flowers in a place where they won’t be discovered by the child before proceeding.
  6. Have each kid participating fill the paper cup halfway full with potting soil.
  7. Tell children that mommy and daddy’s (or grandma and grandpa, depending on who is participating in the activity) love grows for them everyday, and that there is a magic heart to illustrate just how much they are loved this Valentine’s Day.
  8. Give the child the “magic” Conversation Heart candy, and let him/her plant it in the potting soil by burying it in the middle.
  9. Have the child use the watering can to water his/her Valentine’s Day plant. Tell him/her that he/she needs to water it once everyday until Valentine’s Day. Start the activity on February 7. The first Valentine heart will sprout on February 8 and will be finished growing on February 14.
  10. After kids fall asleep at night, plant the first (the smallest) Valentine heart in the soil for the child to discover when he/she wakes up or when he/she goes to water the Valentine’s Day plant next. Make sure to plant the hearts in order from smallest to largest. For kids who can’t read, make sure to read them the sentiment written on the heart each day.
  11. Repeat step 10 until the last Valentine heart has been planted on Valentine’s Day.

Growing a Valentine heart is a unique and fun way to visually illustrate to children the love their families have for them, and is certain to make kids feel all warm and fuzzy inside this Valentine’s Day.

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