Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts for Kids

Turn either of these collage projects into a Valentine card by folding a piece of construction paper or cardstock in half and then measure a piece of paper to fit on the front cover of the card, leaving a margin of a half inch to an inch all the way around. Kids can work on several small pieces of artwork than they then glue onto the front of the card.

Heart Art Crafts with Kids

Gather an assortment of paper in shades of pink, red, white, lilac, and any other colors you would like to use in your art. You can use scraps of construction paper, scrapbook paper, origami paper, gift wrapping, catalogs and magazines, really anything you have available.

Cut out many hearts of different sizes from the paper. If your hearts are going on the front of a card, make certain that they are small enough so you can fit several hearts on the Valentine card. You can draw the hearts free hand or use stencils or cookie cutters for uniform hearts.

Fringe the edges of some hearts, make wavy edge on others. If you have access to scissors that cut fancy edges, use those. Arrange the hearts on a piece of paper or on the front of a card. If you want, you could even try creating scenes just using hearts to create flowers, animals, automobiles, etc. When you like your design, glue the hearts in place.

Kids and Crafts ” Modern Art Hearts

Fold a piece of construction paper in half the long way. On one of the folded halves, draw half of a heart. Try to make the drawing as tall as the paper is long. If you want to place these hearts on the front of a card, start with a piece of paper no larger than the front of your Valentine card.

Don’t draw any details inside the shape. Inside the first line, draw another slightly smaller version of the outline. Repeat drawing the shape five or six times to make the shape smaller and smaller. Now, cut along the outlines, starting with the largest shape. Cut through both halves of the paper, avoiding cutting the fold.

You’ll finish with rings of paper that create the outline of a few hearts. Open up the rings. Arrange the paper outlines on a contrasting color piece of paper and glue the shapes down. This creates an interesting piece of modern art.

These heart art collages can be worked small so they fit onto the front of a card or large so the art can decorate a wall at home or in the classroom. Either collage craft for kids provides the opportunity for lots of creativity as they work with a basic shape.

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