Valentine’s Day Cards for Spouses: How to Write a Love Letter to a Wife or Husband

When Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or birthdays approach, it is a perfect time to write a letter or card expressing love for someone. This is especially important for husbands and wives. But even the best writers and most loving spouses can struggle with what to say when the pen is on the page.

Valentines and love letters do not need to be difficult or painful. What is most important is that they are heartfelt, personal and creative.

How to Make or Find the Right Valentine for a Wife or Husband

One of the most creative valentines is a handmade one. Something as simple as a children’s craft can be very romantic and thoughtful. A more detailed Valentine might be a small scrapbook with the letter written inside or a painting or drawing with the text on the back.

Sometimes a store-bought card might be appropriate, but it is advisable to get a blank one that has an image on the front that the recipient would appreciate. This choice leaves more room inside for the personal note. Pre-written Valentines are not considered as thoughtful and in most cases are not necessary.

What to Include in a Love Letter

Every Valentine needs personal touches. The writer should sit down beforehand and write out all of the best qualities of his or her spouse before writing the letter. Also, if the couple has any meaningful quotes or lyrics that could be included, the writer should find the words ahead of time.

The body of the Valentine will look different for everyone, but it should always include appreciation for the person, and specifically for the qualities that make him or her unique. It can also include handmade drawings, funny or romantic love quotes or poems, and any other creative addition.

The couple’s history is another element that can be included in a Valentine. The writer could include a funny time-line, a series of pictures or words of fond remembrance about how the couple met and advanced in their relationship together.

Letter Writing of Love and Affection Can Help Build Marriage

The most important part of writing a Valentine to a spouse is the potential to build up the other person. Encouragement and affection are not always priorities, even within marriages, and it can be a significant help to any couple to be sincere and appreciative of each other through the written word.

If the spouse writing the letter has also bought a present, sometimes the content of the card can be more meaningful even than the gift. The husband or wife should consider giving it after the present, as the highlight of the Valentine’s Day celebration.

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