Valentine’s Day Cards That Preschoolers Can Make: Young Children Can Decorate These Simple Paper Valentines

Valentine’s Day is a time when preschoolers can show their love for friends and family by making sweet Valentines. Creating a Valentine doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are some ideas for basic Valentines that are easy for parents and preschoolers to cut out. They’re good for preschool classes who are looking for a simple Valentine that children can decorate in diverse ways.

Making a Doily Valentine’s Day Card

Making a doily Valentine is a very simple project, and ideal craft for toddlers or younger preschoolers. It involves a lot of glue. Cut out a red or pink Valentine’s heart, and place it in the center of a larger doily. Add glue to the back of the heart, and glue the heart in place. Children can add glitter, jewels, and dictate or write a message on the center of the heart.

Glitter, Stickers and Jewels Can Decorate Any Commercial Valentine or Template

For preschoolers who love stickers and glitter but aren’t so keen on cutting things, take a commercial Valentine or a Valentine template and decorate away! Use glitter and pretend jewels and stickers to decorate the Valentine. Get fancy with Valentine’s Day writing. Use gold, silver and bronze pens to sign and write on the cards.

A Woven Ribbon Valentine is a Good Lacing Craft for Preschoolers

A woven ribbon Valentine is an excellent way for preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills, and it looks very sweet too! To create a woven ribbon valentine, choose a heart template and cut it out of a thin cardboard, either white, red, or pink. Choose a complementary color of ribbon. Silver, gold, pink, red, and white ribbon all work well.

Use a paper punch to place holes at least one centimeter inside the margins of the Valentine shape. Estimate how much ribbon it would take to go around the outside of the Valentine, and then add half again to ensure that there is enough for a bow. Cut the ribbon, and add a little bit of masking tape at one end to make the end look like a shoelace. Make a big, loose knot at the other end. Now the heart is ready to lace.

Make a Valentine With a Tissue Paper Center

This Valentine is good for preschoolers who are learning how to cut. Fold a red or white piece of paper in half, then outline half of a large heart on the paper. Cut out the heart. Then outline half of a little heart in the center. Cut out the little heart. Open up the heart, and it will have a heart-shaped hole in the middle. Paste a piece of tissue paper in the middle. This craft requires less glue, and it’s important to put the glue on the paper rather than on the tissue paper, since tissue paper can easily become a goopy ball.

Creating Valentine’s Day crafts with preschoolers is a fun and messy experience, an act of love in itself. Enjoy cutting, gluing, and making these crafts glittery and messy. Preschoolers can give these sweet Valentine’s Day cards as gifts to friends and relatives who will be sure to appreciate their art.

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