Valentine’s Day Crafts: Activities for Kids With Valentine Fun

Valentine’s Day may be a romantic holiday for adults, but it can be a fun holiday for kids. Any of these activities for crafts for kids can help create some Valentine fun. With a little help from adults, even the youngest kids can create Valentine’s Day crafts of their own.

Create Valentine’s Day Barrettes

This Valentine’s Day craft involves the use of some large, plain barrettes made of plastic shaped in a rectangle, with a cutout in the middle, ribbon, beads, glue and glitter. Hot glue will work best, but craft glue can be used as well, to make the craft easier for younger children.

To begin, take a barrette with a length of ribbon. Glue one end of the ribbon down to the underside edge of the open barrette. Next, bring the ribbon up over the edge and begin wrapping the ribbon around the barrette by threading it through the opening in the middle, up and around the opposite side, and back through the opening again.

When the entire ribbon has been wrapped, leave a length of ribbon hanging from the end. When this technique has been mastered, try weaving two colors of thread through the barrette and having both colors to hang down together. Use a dab of glue to cement the ribbons into place.

Next, string heart shaped, or red and pink colored beads onto the edges of the hanging ribbon. Spread a small amount of glue onto the top of the ribboned barrette, as well as the hanging ribbon and sprinkle glitter onto the glue for a sparkling effect.

Little girls can exchange barrettes and ribbons as Valentine’s Day gifts of friendship.

Make a Box for Valentine’s Cards

To create a fun and decorative box to hold Valentine’s cards or candy in, gather together tissue paper in red, white and pink, a pencil with a brand new eraser on the end, craft glue, a quarter and either a shoe box or cigar box with a lid.

To begin, place the quarter down on the red and white tissue paper, and trace its circumference lightly with pencil. Next, cut out the circles of red and white tissue and set them aside temporarily.

Draw a large heart on the lid of the box in pencil, taking care to leave some room around the heart on all sides. Using the eraser end of the pencil, take the circles of pre-cut tissue paper, and mold them around the pencil eraser so that they form tiny cups. Beginning with the red cups, place a dab of glue on the flat side and stick the cups down on the inside of the heart. When the heart has been completely filled in, move on to the white cups, and fill in the rest of the lid surrounding the heart.

Fill in two sides of the box with red cups, and the remaining two with the white cups. Line the inside of the box with the pink tissue paper, and create a keepsake that can hold cards or candy for years to come.

Create Heart Pins and Magnets

This easy Valentine’s Day craft can be made by kids of all ages. To make these keepsakes, gather together some polymer clay such as Fimo or Sculpey in shades of red, white, pink and purple, cookie cutters of multiple sizes in the shape of hearts, craft pin backs, or small magnets, and craft glue.

Begin by breaking the clay into small pieces and rolling and kneading them between the hands until they grow warm and begin to soften. Once the clay is pliable, roll the clay out on a piece of parchment or wax paper with a rolling pin, or a glass jar or bottle, until it is approximately 1/8″ thick.

Using the cookie cutters, cut out hearts of varying sizes and colors. Next, begin experimenting with the hearts. Younger children may wish to stop here and simply bake their heart and glue on the magnet or pin back. Older children, however, can take two hearts of the same size and either the same or different colors, and overlap the edge of one heart over the next to create a different design. Or, stack hearts of increasingly smaller sizes on top of one another to create a layered effect.

Once the clay has been baked and allowed to cool, glitter can be applied to the hearts with some glue, or the hearts can have a glaze or lacquer painted onto them to give them a shine. Glue a magnet or a pin back on to the backs of the hearts for a fun decoration, accessory or gift.

Valentine’s Day crafts can be created days or weeks ahead of time and used to help decorate the house, or give the child something special to wear on the day itself. Have children invite friends over to create these projects together, swapping the finished products at the end for more Valentine fun.

These Valentine’s Day crafts can be kept and brought out again year after year to keep the fun going long after the day of crafting is complete.

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