Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: Quick and Easy Projects for the Holiday

Valentine’s Day is always a great time to pull out the craft supplies and make crafts. Kids love cutting and gluing hearts and lace. You can help make your child their very own Valentine’s Day cards, or create one of a kind gifts to give. Even boys enjoy getting into the Valentine’s Day crafting spirit. Here are a few crafts that your kids can make for this special holiday.

Homemade Valentine Cards

Why buy boring store bought Valentine’s Day cards for the class when you can help your kids make a batch at home? They are cute, original, and easy. All you really need to do is show your child how to cut hearts out of construction paper by folding the paper in half and cutting out the shape. Then, provide your child with plenty of paper lace doilies, scrap ribbon and lace and Valentine’s Day stickers. Let your child’s imagination take over to create the cutest handmade cards ever.

Valentine’s Stain Glass Heart

This is a cute craft that your child can make and then hang in a sunny window for the light to shine through. You will need to help your child cut out a large black heart and then cut it again so that you are left with a 1-inch border in the shape of a heart. You will need small squares of pink, white, and purple tissue paper. Your child will glue the squares of tissue paper on the border and in the middle of the heart. Overlap the edges of the tissue paper until the inside is completely filled. It might be easier for your child to use a little bit of diluted glue and a paintbrush to glue the tissue paper. Once it has dried, hang it in the window.

Valentine’s Day Candleholder

This craft is easy and can make a nice gift for a teacher or grandmother. For each candleholder, you will need a small baby food jar, red or pink acrylic paint, a fine tip permanent marker and a tea light candle. Completely clean and remove the label from the baby food jar. Your child will make a heart with her thumbprint on the side of the jar. Dip your child’s thumb into the paint and press it at a slight angle and then again meeting at the bottom. Use the marker to write “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Include your child’s name and the date. Place the tea light candle inside and give as a gift to the lucky recipient.

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