Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers: Children Can Make Fun and Special Valentine Gifts

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and is a great holiday for toddlers to make crafty, personal gifts for parents, grandparents and other special people in their lives. Hand-made crafts can be an easy and fun activity and will be treasured by the intended recipients for years to come.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Of course, a Valentine’s Day card is a must and it means so much more if the card is hand-made. It’s not that difficult to make a personalized card. All that’s really needed are construction paper, crayons, markers or paint. One great idea is to have the toddler dip her hand in paint, preferably red or pink, and place a hand-print on the card. Sweet sayings on the inside of the card can include, “I want to hold your hand” or some type of variation.

Keepsake Placemats

There are different variations on this craft. One of the most colorful and easiest ways to create this keepsake is to use light colored construction paper. Have the child dip her hands in red paint and apply hand-prints to the paper. Then the child can decorate the paper with drawings, cut-outs of hearts or stamps. Parents can add the child’s name and the date at the bottom and then use Contact paper™ to create a placemat.

Valentine Candy Container

A fun and simple way to recycle glass baby food containers is to use them to make cute candy containers. Toddlers will enjoy this easy craft. Simply wash and dry small baby food jars along with the lid. The jar itself can be decorated with markers or with paint and allowed to dry. Pretty fabric can be cut out according to the lid size and then hot-glued to the lid itself or the lid can be painted and decorated with red hearts. After allowing it to dry, the jar can be filled with candy hearts or a choice of Valentine-themed candy.

Valentine Cookies and Sweets

Everyone loves sweets for Valentine’s Day and toddlers will love being a part of making them. Of course, basic sugar cookies can be turned into pretty, Valentine sugar cookies with a bit of pink or red icing and perhaps some sprinkles. Children will love to help ice the cookies and will be proud of their handiwork.

If a bit more pizzazz is required, another fun sweet concoction that children can help to make are chocolate covered strawberries. Simply purchase fresh strawberries and buy the microwaveable dipping chocolate. After washing the strawberries they can be dipped in the chocolate and then laid on wax paper to dry. This treat is as delicious as it is easy to make.

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t always have to be bought at a store. Many people will treasure the keepsake made by the little hands of a child they love. These crafts can be easy and fun to make with a little one

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