Valentine’s Day for Families: How Couples Can Celebrate February 14th With Their Children

Valentine’s Day is traditionally thought of as a romantic holiday for couples but who says it can’t be celebrated as a family?! It’s just as important for families to show their love for each other, so why not start a new Valentine’s Day tradition with these activities and ideas.

Setting the Scene for Valentine’s Day

Breakfast can often be a rushed and busy time of day, especially on a school morning but, with a little prep work the night before, the family can wake up to a decked out breakfast table on Valentine’s Day morning. Start by draping a white table cloth or old sheet over the table followed by a generous sprinkling of Valentine’s themed confetti.

Prepare heart shaped foods such as pancakes or french toast by using a cookie cutter and serving with strawberries or strawberry syrup to keep the red theme going. Don’t forget to add love notes to the lunch boxes (including the significant other’s) before everyone disperses for the day.

Lovely Sweets & Treats for the Family

While chocolate tends to be the sweet of choice on this day there are many lovely sweets that can be prepared and enjoyed as a family. Revamp a favorite cupcake, cookie or brownie recipe by adding red or pink candy pieces before baking. Red or pink frosting, ice cream and sprinkles are simple ways to top off special treats.

Made With Love

A great way to share this special day as a family is to exchange homemade Valentine cards and gifts. Disney’s FamilyFun magazine is packed with Valentine’s Day craft ideas such as Valentine’s Coupons which can be redeemed for things such as a free hug, a day without chores, control of the remote control for an hour, special privilege for recipient to choose dessert and much more! Get creative in showing family members that they are loved and appreciated.

The Gift of Time

Sometimes the best gift is to simply spend time with loved ones. Find a fun activity to enjoy as a family such as a favorite board game or a holiday themed story. If Scrabble is the game of choice try playing Love Scrabble by only using Valentine’s Day themed words such as hug, kiss, cupid, sweet and kind.

If stories are the activity of choice try Valentines Are For Saying I Love You by Margaret Sutherland (Grosset & Dunlap, 2007) or sharing some favorite, classic love poems. Try popping some popcorn and watching a movie together, such as Beauty and the Beast (Disney, 1991) or Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (Charles Schultz, 2008).

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day for families to show how much they love and appreciate each other. With simple, inexpensive crafts, recipes and activities Valentine’s Day can be transformed from a lovers’ holiday into a new family tradition.

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