Valentine’s Day or Anniversary Card: A Romantic Homemade Card Ideal Perfect For Capturing Memories

Whether it is your first Valentine’s Day or fiftieth wedding anniversary, one of the best parts of these time markers is thinking back over all the happy memories you and your significant other have made together. This handmade card is an excellent way to capture your most significant memories, and also makes a great creative endeavor if you enjoy crafting. Even if you have no crafty experience or are not sure how to make a homemade card, though, this particular card is easy to make.

This homemade Valentine’s Day or anniversary card consists of two sheets of paper attached together with a string or ribbon. Both are folded in half. The outer sheet has letters or shapes cut out to reveal a list of memories or events on the inside. The inner sheet serves as both a cool backdrop to the open shapes or letters of the outer sheet, as well as a list that you and your significant other can reminisce over.

Cardmaking Supplies:

  • Two sheets of paper, one colored, one white
  • String or ribbon about 17″ long
  • X-acto knife or other cutting tool
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Stencils (optional)

Steps to Make This Homemade Card

  1. You will need to make a list of the events you want to include. You may need to add or drop things from this list to make it fit into the space you have, but it is better to have extra than too few. For a Valentine’s Day card, romantic moments or relationship markers are great to include. For an anniversary card, think about events, things you enjoy doing together, and important locations or dates.
  2. If you want to use word cut outs (or if you don’t have stencil letters) for your outer sheet, follow this step. If you want to use stencil letters or cut out random shapes, skip ahead to step 3. Use Microsoft Word to format your text. You will cut out the shapes of these letters with your X-acto knife so simpler fonts are better. For the simplest results, use the Stencil font at size 87. Set the margins at: Left 6, Right 0.75, Top and Bottom 1. Center the text. If you do not have Stencil font, Arial is another good option, but you will have to eyeball adding connectors to keep the letter shapes from becoming oddly shaped holes when you cut them out. Other word processors, fonts, and margins can be used, but might take some finagling. You want your text on the right half (right if you are facing the paper/screen) of your landscape print out.
  3. Set up another landscape oriented page. Set margins to the same as above. Type in your list of memories. Center the text. Separate the memories from each other with a character of your choice, good options are hyphens or asterisks. A plainer font works well for this page, including Comic Sans or Arial fonts. Font sizes can vary to fit your list as well as possible. Font on the example card is Comic Sans size 10.5, single spaced.
  4. After you have situated and printed out both sheets and are happy with the results, you will then need to cut out the letters on your outer sheet. Don’t forget to add in connections between pieces of remaining paper if you do not use Stencil font.
  5. To form your handmade card, fold both sheets of paper in half with the printed pages out front. To attach the sheets to each other, hold them together and cut two small triangle shapes out of the folded edges about one inch from the ends of the paper. Thread a string or ribbon of your choice through the holes and tie together on the outside of the card.
  6. Various decorations can be added to the outside of the card if you like. Inside the card will be blank for you to add a personalized message.

Homemade Card Variations

Whether you use these steps to complete a Valentine’s Day card or anniversary card or even a card for a different holiday event, it’s sure to be well received. Since you can customize a handmade card in any way you’d like, add touches that will personalize this card for your loved one. Choose paper that matches with his or her favorite color, and decorate the card with stickers, color highlights, or artwork.

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