Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day celebrations don’t have to only happen in the school’s classroom. Plan a bash for this special holiday complete with handmade invitations, crafts, games, food and more.

Kids’ Valentine’s Day Party Invitations

Help your little one to craft handmade party invites hat are personalized for each guest. As a bonus, these cute cards double as a Valentine’s Day greeting.

To make the invitations you will need a few basic supplies. Many of these can either be found around the house or purchased from an arts or crafts supply store. You will need:

  • red or pink cardstock (8 x 10 size)
  • scissors
  • markers
  • glitter
  • clear drying, non-toxic glue

After gathering the materials, help your child to make the invitations.

  1. Fold the cardstock in half.
  2. Draw or trace a heart onto the front. The heart should cover the majority of the front side.
  3. Cut the heart out, leaving the side attached to create a card that can open.
  4. Write a message on the front such as “Happy Valentine’s Day,” “Valentine’s Day Party,” or “It’s a Party.”
  5. Draw glue lines over the letters. If your child finds this too difficult, pour a small amount of glue into a paper or art cup. Use a toothpick or cotton swab dipped in the glue to outline the letters.
  6. Sprinkle glitter over the glue. Brush off the excess.
  7. Help your child to write important logistic information such as the party date, time, place, and RSVP number. Very young children may not be able to do this step on their own. Another option is to help your child type the information on a word processing program. Print the information cut it to fit the card size, and tape or glue it into the card.
  8. Hand deliver the cards or place in a festive envelope.

Party Crafts for Kids

Plan a few different party crafts for kids of different ages and abilities. These arts and crafts activities can also be used as party favors to take home.

Try some of these easy-to-make projects, or purchase a pre-made craft kit from an art supply or party store.

  • Valentine’s Day Flower Heart: Make a floral themed heart with construction and tissue paper.
  • Heart Shaped Puzzle: Guests can take this make your own puzzle project home for hours of fun. Use cardboard, construction paper, and more to make a simple heart puzzle.
  • Valentine’s Day Card: Make a simple heart, oversized Valentine, or even a photo card with guests. Share the cards or have guests bring the cards home to give to friends and family members.
  • Valentine’s Day Mural: Make an oversized mural for the holiday.

Valentine’s Day Holiday Party Games and Activities

One of the most popular Valentine’s Day party activities is a card exchange. Ask guests to bring their own boxes and holders, or make new ones at the party. Make or bring cards and exchange with friends.

Other game and party ideas include:

  • Valentine’s Day Box Contest: Give prizes for the most colorful, creative, or tallest boxes.
  • Holiday Bingo
  • Valentine Guess Who: Instead of signing the cards, have guests guess who made each one.

Valentine’s Day Party Food

Keep the holiday theme going with a variety of heart shaped food ideas. Try different treats such as heart shaped sugar cookies, a festive red heart cake, or cup cakes with heart sprinkles.

Turn the food into a party activity by allowing the kids to decorate their own red velvet cupcakes with pink and white icing and Valentine’s Day candy.

Help your child to celebrate Valentine’s Day with an action packed party. Design a heartfelt invitation, make cute crafts, play holiday themed games, and eat a menu of festive treats for a truly memorable time.

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