Valentine’s Day Project Ideas: Projects for Kids That Care

Children and teens often feel romantic pressures before Valentine’s Day. What can they do to show others that they care about them? How can they have fun while avoiding mushy, lovey-dovey games and activities?

Making Valentine Cards

With some red, white, and pink paper, paste and pair of scissors, make Valentine cards for children in cancer treatment centers, hospitals, and special care homes. Visit the children’s floor of a hospital and ask how you can give cards to patients you don’t know. Nurses will probably deliver the cards to patients for you since visiting the rooms might spread germs.

Make cards for patients at a rehab center, a rest home, or for elderly members of your neighborhood or church. Especially look for people who may not otherwise receive a card. Cards can be religious saying something like “God loves you!” or try for a humorous style. Make up a cute and funny little line to write on each card.

Community Service

Look around. What could you do to for someone in your neighborhood? Can you pick up litter in a park? Sweep a neighbor’s porch or sidewalk? Repair something? Shovel snow or wash a car for a friend or acquaintance?

Does your school teacher need some sweeping, dusting, or chalkboard cleaning done during lunch hour? Could you to help your grandparents, mom or dad with a job they dread? Volunteering to help someone who is tired or extra busy is a good way to show you care.

Baking Sweet Treats

How about baking cookies for someone? You could bake muffins or cupcakes for a Sunday school class, for your parents, a church pastor, teacher, for the mail carrier or a person you see often but don’t know well.

Bake some cookies for a family with small children or for a family who have had hard times or illness.

Your parents might enjoy a coffee cake or a small chocolate cake to share. You could give a niece, nephew, cousin, sister or brother a treat?

Writing Project

You don’t have to have a romance to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Consider talking to some couple you admire “someone who has been happily married for a while maybe your grandparents, parents or other relatives. Interview them for their story of how they meet. Find out when they meet and got married and what has kept them together. Write a short story or poem for them about their marriage. This will probably be a keepsake for them.

Try writing a fictional story about something that happened on Valentine’s Day. It might be about a puppy being born on Valentine’s Day, a person moving on Valentine’s Day, or any special happening. Rewrite your story in your best handwriting and give it to one of your parents or a close friend.

Write a letter to your grandma or grandpa telling them all the things you love about him or her.

Valentine Artwork

Pictures or posters with hearts and Valentine colors- red, white, and pink are a way to share the fun of Valentine’s Day. Make your picture on a sheet of poster board. Hang it where people will see it and get the message that they are loved and appreciated on Valentine’s Day.

Make a heart to hang on as many of the inside doors in your house that you can. Cut them from red or pink construction paper and write “I love you” on each of them. Surprise the mailman with a paper heart to cheer him up.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day of friendship, family, sharing, and caring.

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