Valentine’s Day Specials for Emergent Readers on PBS KIDS!

Day reminds us of.


In Cherish is the Word, the school is having a crisis. The kids made special valentines for their friends, and Victoria Best ran off with the cards. It’s up to WordGirl to come to the rescue and save Valentine’s Day.


In “Cinderella: The Prince’s Side of the Story”, Little Boy Blue and Red Riding Hood are playing music together, when Little Boy Blue suddenly vanishes. The scene is reminiscent of Cinderella vanishing at the ball before the last dance is done. Super Why and his friends are off to solve the mystery. They delve into Cinderella’s fairytale once again, this time they get the prince’s side of the story.


In My Fuzzy Valentine, Bug has a problem. He wants to sign his WordFriend’s valentine, but can’t write his own name. Frog encourages him, and he learns how to write his name after practicing a little.

In Love Bug Sheep struggles to find the perfect rhyme for her special Valentine song for Bear. Fly helps her come up with the the perfect rhyme for the song. It’s a valentine song with real heart.


In Hugs & Witches, Hacker captures Lady Ada Lovelace and Dr. Marbles and Lady Ada Lovelace on Valentine’s Day. He puts them in a time machine invented by mathematician, Lovelace. Digit and the Cyberchase kids need to decipher a series of poems that Lady L left behind in order to free them before it’s too late and they are transported away.

Angelina Ballerina the Next Steps

In Angelina and the Big News, Viki, Angelina, and Marco go out of their way to make Ms. Mimi’s wedding day super special. Only, they realize that they made a mistake, and she isn’t really getting married. It’s okay, though, everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

In Angelina’s Secret Valentine, Angelina gets a Valentine’s card on her door step from a secret admirer. When she and Polly hunt down the mysterious sender, they find, to their great delight, that Ms. Mimi sent cards to all the Camembert mouselings. They students repay her with a special Valentine of their own ” a special dance that expresses their appreciation.

In Angelina and the Hearts on Ice, Alice and Angelina are excited to perform a love-themed skating Valentine’s Day show during halftime at the big hockey game at Chipping Cheddar. Marco doesn’t want to perform with them because he thinks he’s asked to join the hockey team. He soon realizes how important his part is. He learns to make the best of the uncomfortable situation.

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