Valentine’s Day Tissue Paper Tree: Preschool and Daycare Activity

Early learning goals for toddlers include creative development. “The creative arts, including music, movement, dramatic play, puppetry, painting, sculpture, and drawing, are a crucial part of early childhood. Not only do the arts allow children to express themselves, but creative activity can enhance development of children’s skills in literacy, science, math, social studies, and more” according to “Spotlight on Young Children and the Creative Arts” by Derry Koralek [NAEYC, 2005]. Art, therefore, nurtures creativity.

Preschool teachers and daycare providers have the opportunity to promote creative development by providing art activities that explore media and materials and encourage imagination.

Creating a Valentine’s Day out tissue paper is an excellent example of an opportunity to foster expression, to encourage spontaneity in material usage, and to introduce children to textured materials.

This Valentine’s Day issue paper tree lesson plan includes the materials list, preparation instructions, and procedures for this activity. It also includes age appropriate learning objectives and samples of the simple, supporting verbal cues necessary to encourage participation and support learning.

Tissue Paper Tree Materials

  • Pink and brown construction paper
  • Brown construction paper
  • Red, pink and white tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencils
  • Glue

Activity Preparation

  • Cover the table with butcher paper
  • Cut red, pink, and white tissue paper into small squares, about 1.5 inches each.
  • Pour glue in small shallow dishes.
  • Place all materials on the table

Procedures for Valentine’s Day Tissue Paper Tree

1. Invite the children over and tell that you are going to take make a beautiful tissue paper Valentine’s Day tree

2. Help children trace one forearm and hand on brown construction paper. This will become the trunk of the true.

3. Paste the arm tree trunk on pink construction paper.

4. Show children how to create and glue on the tissue paper leaves. Wrap a square of red, pink or white tissue paper around the eraser end of a pencil and dip it in glue. Then, press the leaf on to the tree trunk. When children have added all the leaves to the tree, allow to dry completely.

Valentine’s Day Tissue Paper Tree Lesson Objectives

Objective 1

To provide the opportunity for expressive activities by encouraging the children to create a tree out of construction paper and

Verbal Cue A: Today we are going to make a Valentine’s Day tree!

Verbal Cue B: Would you like to make leaves out of tissue paper?

Objective 2

To encourage spontaneity in material usage by allowing the children to choose tissue paper colors or to combine colors.

Verbal Cue A: Which color would you like choose for the first leaf?

Verbal Cue B: I like the way you are choosing your colors!

Objective 3

To promote the sharing of art materials to foster social interaction and cooperation

Verbal Cue A: Let’s take turns using the glue.

Verbal Cue B: Can you pass the red tissue paper to John?

This Valentine’s Day tissue paper tree activity is a fun, creative activity that children ages 3 and older will certainly enjoy. Have fun using a wide variety of colors and encourage sensory discoveries.

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