Valentine’s Day Traditions: Celebrating February 14th as a Family

Valentine’s Day is a special day to many people for many reasons. For kids it is the first event after Christmas holidays. There is a party at school and at home there is chocolate, candy or maybe a small present. Heart shapes prevail and there is a bit of excitement in the air.

Young children have the right idea. Valentine’s Day cards are given out at school to everyone, and it’s about the card looking cool, not how it’s signed or even what it says. Valentine’s is about being thought of, about friends and about having a day that is a bit different from every other day. It’s about the chocolate and candy too.

Starting a Valentine’s Day Tradition

Parents who embrace this are making the day a little extra special and will enjoy a different kind of Valentine’s Day than when they were dating, but one that is still filled with love. Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate family and start a tradition:

  • Heart shaped pancake breakfast
  • Heart shaped pizza dinner
  • Doing something fun together like a movie night at home or skating at the park
  • Having a Valentine’s Day party with friends

Many people view Valentine’s Day only as special if they have a someone special in their lives. For them this time of year can be hard if they are alone. There are many people who have no one in particular to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, and this can make it feel a bit lonely.

Kind Gestures to Others on Valentine’s Day

A surprise visit from a child can brighten spirits and remind everyone Valentine’s Day does not just have to be about being with that one special someone. A great family tradition would be to help those not feeling so great on Valentine’s Day feel a little bit better by giving:

  • A funny card or a child Valentine’s card with a few candies to someone who has just broken up with someone, like the teenager down the road
  • A home made card to a single friend who might appreciate being thought of on Valentine’s Day
  • Any person who is alone for any reason might like an invitation for coffee and cookies. The gesture is thoughtful and the person, especially if a widow or widower might enjoy a few moments to reminisce about past Valentine’s Day celebrations
  • A phone call to someone who moved away and might be missing friends

As a family, Valentine’s Day traditions can be started to help kids know no matter who the someone special is or isn’t in their lives; celebrating February 14th as a family will always be there. Make the day special and fun by making heart shaped things and doing stuff together. Reaching out with kind gestures to others to help make a potentially lonely day a little brighter is a great addition to a family tradition

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