Valentine’s Day Wine Presentation

Consider your Valentine’s day wine presentation as romance fills the air. It is not uncommon to give a nice bottle of wine as a gift for this February holiday. You took the time to pick out the perfect bottle. Enhance the specialness of the gift by adding a few personal touches.

Add a Flower for Wine Presentation

Use a piece of two-sided adhesive tape to attach a red or white rose bud to bottle. A white rose goes well with red wines or dark-colored wine bottles. Red is good for any type of wine or bottle. Position the bud on the side of the bottle preventing blocking the label. An alternative is to use a single, long-stem rose, if you think the person receiving the Valentine’s day gift would like to use the bottle for a vase after drinking the wine.

Attach a Ribbon for Wine Presentation

A thin ribbon is a nice addition to the neck of any wine bottle. You can use a solid white and solid red or pink ribbon together. Another option is to use a ribbon with decorative hearts. Tie the ribbon in a small bow with some hanging down the front of the wine bottle.

Wine Presentation with Chocolate Pairing

Another popular Valentine’s day gift is chocolate. You can actually pair chocolate with a quality bottle of wine for a romantic gift idea. The general rule of thumb is to select a wine that is slightly sweeter or stronger than the chocolate flavor. For example, a dark chocolate often pairs well with California Zinfandel wine.

Wrap the chocolate pieces in red plastic wrap. Scatter them around the bottom of the bottle in a gift basket with the wine. Presentation focuses more on the combining of two favorite Valentine’s day gifts when enjoying the combination, instead of strictly on the basket.

Add a Decanter to the Wine Gift

You can never go wrong with adding a decanter to the wine gift. Tie decorative Valentine’s day ribbon around the neck of the decanter. Place the decanter and the wine bottle in a gift box or gift basket.

Take the time to make the perfect Valentine’s day gift or gift basket for wine. Presentation of the gift, particularly after it’s opened, adds a personal touch to show how much you truly care. You’ve done the hard work of choosing the ideal wine. Go one step further and consider using ribbons, flowers, chocolate and decanters as part of your gift and wine presentation.

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