Valentine’s Fun with Playing Cards: How to See Your Romantic Future with the Suite of Hearts

Whether looking for love or wondering about the future of a close relationship, this is a fun way to predict the romantic future.

Firstly separate all the Heart cards from an ordinary pack of playing cards. Shuffle the cards, choose one, then look the card up in the following, to find out what it means.

These are the interpretations of the two of hearts to the eight of hearts.

Eight of Hearts and Romance

This is a positive card for romance. If you’re half of a duo, look forward to a much happier marriage with a lot of love and closeness between you and your lover. There’s a lot of love in your life now and romance is a strong possibility if you are single. An old friend is likely to come back in your life and has good news to share.

Seven of Hearts and Romance

Someone in your life is being deceitful or is not telling you the whole truth. It is important not to take any notice of gossip. A promise made could be broken. There is some success in your life but this could arouse envy in a love rival.

Six of Hearts and Romance

Either you, your partner or a close friend will enjoy some unexpected good fortune. A friend is incredibly generous but you feel you don’t deserve this. Enjoy another person’s attempt to pamper you. An offer or proposal will herald the start of an exciting new phase in your love life.

Five of Hearts and Romance

A friend might achieve or receive something you’ve always longed for. Don’t let jealousy get the better of you; smile and accept the inevitable. A wedding is likely. Decisions to do with romance should be carefully considered. Give important choices plenty of thought.

Four of Hearts and Romance

Although there is a sense of loss, joy will come out of this. A small hurdle in romance will be a blessing in disguise. Another person’s promises are in doubt. You might find it hard to trust them. Emotional choices must be made. Travel enhances your creativity and introduces you to romance if you are single.

Three of Hearts and Predicting Romance

A surprise kiss gives you something to think about. You might hear you have a secret admirer. You’re bound to feel flattered even if you are in a long-term relationship and have no desire to change this. Romance is fun. It will delight and energize you.

Two of Hearts and Romance

This is an excellent card signifying a lasting and loving relationship. A love match is about to be made; the relationship will be warm, affectionate and caring. Careful romantic choices can bring you success. New and lasting friendships will be made.

Some people might use fortune cookies as a fun way to find out what’s in store for the future. Some have their palm read. Using a pack of playing cards and choosing a card is another way to flirt with the future.

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