Valentine’s Party Ideas: Kids Party Games and Activities

Valentine’s Day is a holiday associated primarily with love and romance, but children enjoy celebrating the day also. Whether at a school party or at home with friends, a kids’ party with a theme of love and friendship can be fun for everyone involved.

Cookie Decorating

With plain heart-shaped cookies, tubes of colored icing and an assortment of colored sugar and small candies, children can decorate their own Valentine’s cookies and eat the results or carry them home as favors. Prizes can be awarded for scariest, pretties, most colorful, etc. It’s a good idea to have enough categories so that every child receives a small prize. Stickers or temporary tattoos make fun prizes.

Valentine Cards

Children enjoy giving to others and this project allows them to make a difference in the lives of adults. They can spend part of the party making Valentine’s cards to send to soldiers away from home or to give to a Veteran’s hospital or Senior Citizens Center.

Construction paper, glue, markers, glitter and stickers are all that’s needed to create cards that will bring a smile to the recipient and make the children feel good about sharing love on this holiday. An adult should be charged with delivering or mailing the cards. Children can include their address with their card and they may receive a reply from the soldier or senior who receives their gift.

Treasure Hunt

Children form groups of three or four and hunt for hearts hidden around the room. The hearts should be made of different materials ” paper hearts, cookie and candy hearts, etc. The team that collects the most hearts wins a small prize.

Kids can take turns trying to transfer candy hearts from a table to a jar, using only chopsticks. Two children can race to fill the jar. The activity is sure to create a lot of laughter. Once the jar is filled, guests can guess how many hearts are in the jar. The child who comes closest wins a small prize.

A heart-shaped bean bag toss or relay races involving passing off heart-shaped pillows or balloons are other possibilities for activities for younger children.

Party Food

Valentine’s party food can be as simple as Valentine’s cupcakes and red punch. For a more substantial meal, individual pizzas crafted from English muffins cut into the shape of a heart can be decorated with red pepperoni.

A decorated cookie, cupcake or small bag of candy makes a nice party favor for the child to take home.

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